How To Waste Time At Work While Looking Busy

Im doing an internship, which means, I do a lot of looking busy and doing the given work (which is not a whole lot) between wasting time. Yes, this is still better than staying at home, and no I am not a complete slacker, I do all my work on time, but is it really my fault that I do it in a quarter of the time my head expected and then they have NOTHING for me to do? So I work slowly…..while wasting time. Which means…my bad sleepy days are okay. 😛

But I definitely have to look busy.

One of the bad days I had, where I did not want to work I did THIS.

Sometimes, I listen to music and type….the lyrics. Obviously, I can’t type the line fast enough so the song is generally far ahead, and then I simply write what I hear whether I skipped a few words or whole lines along the way….this makes me look efficient, typing away that I am, studiously, with music on to tune out distraction. By the way, who can actually write while listening to music? I can’t. I end up with all my thoughts a convoluted mess mixed up with the song lyrics.

Another thing I do, is email myself stuff from my phone, tidbits that I wrote at random intervals. So I look super important, checking the various emails and properly copy pasting them onto documents and then working on them…..

Surf the net for movies to watch when I get home 😛

Update my list of books to read.

Make a list of all the things I need to talk to specific people about. (For instance when are we going to watch Catching Fire???)

I also read random news bits that will definitely not increase my knowledge of anything of importance that might be going on in the world but will tell me about dogs who managed to live, after a car bumped into them, by luckily getting stuck in the bumper.

Bathroom breaks.

Water breaks…(only works when the water bottle on my table is empty. NOT a problem. More bathroom breaks for me. J)

Open Paint, paint the entire screen black, minimize the ribbon, then discretely check my reflection for weird pieces of hair sticking out. Discretely being the operating word.

Swing around on my awesome swively chair and stretch….looking like the person who hunched over her laptop working slavishly too long and is now taking a well deserved break….

Eavesdrop on people around me. (Yes it’s a bad habit…but vastly entertaining to one looking to waste time :P)

Frowning at my screen  while simply looking through pictures on Facebook, managing to look immersed and completely befuddled so that when somebody asks me what’s wrong I can say, “Wha..? Huh oh no, nothing really….just this thing bothering me…oh well I’ll fix it.” With the appropriate air of a distracted beginning and a reassuring end, reinforcing their belief that I am slavishly working away. (Cannot attempt this while wearing glasses. The reflections of the pictures in the oh-so-unfaithful glasses can be seen. :/)

And of course, writing blog entries…. Like this one.

All in all, a productive day at work. 🙂